What is the initial cost for your services?

The first 30 minute consult is FREE!  After the consult, if there is still a need for my services, I will will provide you a quote. The quote will include the number of hours required to complete the service, and an expected completion date.

What kind of HR situations can I talk to you about?

Entrepreneurs, owners, or managers might have questions about how to hire and keep the right people, clarification on employment standards for maternity leave, a harassment complaint, the hiring process, or how to address employee discipline.

HR Professionals might want to know how to get started on an employee handbook, organize a workshop, create a training program or improve company morale and productivity.

Job seekers might be looking for advice on how to start your job search, get feedback on your resume and get back on the road to prosperity.

Do you process payroll?

No, sorry, I will leave that up to the payroll professionals.  I can refer you to accountants who offer payroll services or third party payroll processors who can help you.

Are you a recruiter or headhunter?  Can you help me hire an employee?

I am a recruiter; not a head-hunter.  I can help you recruit employees for your business.  I can create and post job advertisements either as a disclosed or non-disclosed client to draw in the applicants and accept resumes on your behalf.  We can create a recruitment campaign for the roles you are hiring that fits your needs. 

I am having trouble with an employee.  Can you talk to them?

I can provide conflict resolution and mediation support to both the employee and employer.  I will also coach employers on how to work through the conversation to understand the issue and work towards a resolution.  I will also advise of the HR Best Practices and/or legal compliance required.  

What is an HR Best Practice?

An HR Best Practice is the standard way of doing things.

For example, I have worked in an organization where it was a standard HR Best Practice to accept an employee's resignation immediately without them working through the notice period. They were paid the required employment standards minimum but were not required to work.  In other organizations, this may not be their HR Best Practice.  

Neither one is wrong as long as it is handled according to employment and common law standards. However, each practice does speak to their core values and workplace culture.